[WARNING: CONTAINS SPOILERS!!!!] Free Bonus Chapters from The Khandavaprastha Conspiracy

Published on July 4, 2023

To avoid spoilers, please read this only after you have read The Khandavaprastha Conspiracy

As promised, here are the free bonus chapters from The Khandavaprastha Conspiracy. The book had grown too long and the cost (and therefore price) of the book was getting to an unacceptable level, so my editor and I had to take some hard decisions to bring the length of the book to a level that would enable us to price it reasonably. While a lot of work went into pruning and snipping the writing, we had to sacrifice five chapters which I had written to provide context and detail for some of the plot elements.

However, since the chapters were written anyway, I decided to share them with my readers, which is where The Quest Club came in handy. So here,  you are, the five missing chapters from The Khandavaprastha Conspiracy.

I hope you enjoy reading them and they give you a bit more depth to the plot and story of the book. Do leave a comment after each chapter and let me know what you think.

You can read each chapter by clicking the link for each chapter below. I will recommend that you read the chapters in the order that they have been presented below since they are presented in chronological order, but since you have read the book, you can also read them in any order that you like. But if you have not yet read the book, please resist the temptation to read these chapters. They are not a preview but contain spoilers. Please remember, they were a part of the first draft of the book, and, therefore, part of the story. In the book they would have been placed in a manner that revealed information at the right places. 

Read Chapter 1

Read Chapter 2

Read Chapter 3

Read Chapter 4

Read Chapter 5


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